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Luxury Auto Detailing Packages

Spoil your vehicle with our all inclusive showroom detailing packages

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($269 Value)


  • Steam Clean Seats

  • Steam Clean Floors

  • UV Ray light (Kills Covid Bacteria) 

  • Disinfect doors and dashboard

  • Remove pet hair 

  • Remove Stains from Seats 



  • Thoroughly Vacuum Interior 

  • Polish Interior Trim, Doors and Dashboard

  • Clean Middle Console and Glove Box

  • Streak-Free Window Buffing

  • Condition Upholstery and Leather 


  • Apply UV Protectant, Dirt and Water Repellent to Entire Interior

  • Protect Leather with Aloe Based Serum

  • Apply Super-shine Serum applied to all Vinyl and plastic

Full Car Detailing

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Luxury Detailing Package




+ an Exterior Wash & 6 Month Ceramic Coating

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You'll Receive Everything in the First Two Packages Including:


  • Polishing All Scratches and Swirls From The Paint

  • WIndshield X Rain Repellent on All Windows

  • Protective Tire Dressing Shine

  • 365 Day Lasting Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

  1. Give Your Paint a Crazy Hydrophobic Effect.

  2. Improves Body Shine which creates a mirror like paint job

  3.  Creates a Scratch & Wear Resistant Layer Over The Paint

  4. Significantly Fights Oxidation & Corrosion

  5.  and Our Favorite... It's High Temperature Resistant

Mobile Luxury Car Detailing

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