Enhance Your Mobile Detailing With Add-Ons

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Deep Exterior Wash $50

Must be added before the day of your detail

  • Cover your vehicle in a Si02 Formula that adds protection with every wash
  • Wheel Detail + Tire Shine
  • Enhances High Gloss shine to every paint color
  • Complete your Hall of Fame auto detailing experience

Water Spigot Required

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1 Year Graphene Ceramic Coating $189

  • Add a glossy protectant coat to your paint that repels all elements, No more waxing
  • Repel road grime, water spots, scratches, and brake oil
  • Make your car easy to wash & manage
  • Reward your ride with a complete new shiny look

Engine Bay Cleaning $125

  • Create a better airflow for your engine
  • Protect your engine from future corrosion and rust
  • Make your engine run smoothly for months on the road

Steam Clean Car Floor $50

  • Kill 99.9% of bacteria in your car floor
  • Remove deep stains
  • Complete your NEW car look
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Ozone Treatment $50

  • Get rid of foul odors including cigarette smells, pet smells, & human waste for good
  • Clean bacteria & viruses from you cars vents like mold & mildew
  • Great for a refresh

Headlight Restoration $75

  • Restore the clarity in your headlights by removing oxidation
  • Become a safer driver for all
  • Enhance the radiance of your vehicle

Protect and Condition $40

  • Create a layer of armor while conditioning your entire interior!
  • Make stains and spills a breeze to clean
  • Protect your car's interior for 6 months on the road
  • Receive a dry to the touch sparkle

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What our customers are saying

Truly Impressed

"I did not know my car could get this close to brand new. Kelton and crew had to originally reschedule, and while I thought it would only take them 4 hours when they came, they were at it working hard on my car for almost 7 hours. Truly impressed, and did not expect them to be able to get all the dirt and sand I had in my trunk out. They were out there using tooth brushes to work at edges. Highly recommend and worth the price."

- Daniel B.

Looks Brand New!

"Wow!!!! I’m truly impressed and blown away. Our car was covered in dog hair and sand and now it looks brand new! Jaden did an incredible job. You can tell they really care about what they do and how they do it. I highly recommend them! It was so nice to have them come to our home to clean the car instead of going and waiting somewhere. I was able to work from home while they cleaned and detailed our car. Jaden really took our car from dog-lived in-crumbs everywhere-full of smudges to a seriously clean and beautiful looking brand new interiors. I’m so happy!"

- Cassandra K.

Highly Recommend

"2 Years ago I received a ceramic coating from this company along with removing some paint swirls and blemishes. I promised that if the ceramic coating held up I would leave the best review I could. The service from hall of fame has left my paint shiny and without scratches for literally 2 years straight and counting! I had originally got a 1 year coating but it is outlasting its time. Today I decided to return to hall of fame for their mobile window tinting service, and they crushed that too!! My car looks so different with window tint, but in a good way. I highly recommend them for any service available on their website."

- Monyce F.

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