Top Three Ways to Remove Pet Hair From Your Car

Learn the best practices to remove and protect pet hair from your vehicle.

1: Car Pet Hair Removal Tools

Our Pets are our best friends and even more than that, family. So leaving them at home just isn't an option most times. Their cute faces and warm loving hearts boost the families mood. Nonetheless we can not stop the uncontrollable shedding of their coat. No matter how hard we try, our pets hair remains a tough task to tackle. Here are the top three auto detailing pet hair removal tools to make sure you and your loved ones stay comfortable while you drive:

#1 Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover

A brick?!? This tool is downright unattractive, but it works. With one sweep this auto detailing pet hair removal gadget removes the most embedded fur. Most commonly used for couches and carpets it doesn't scratch material making it ideal for all soft surfaces. Professional auto detailers use this tool heavily on auto upholstery and carpets.

#2 ANALAN Mini Pet Hair Remover

The technology on the ANALAN was designed in three stages for deep auto pet hair cleaning. Side 1 is built with maximum density gears, used for large loose pet hair areas, ; Side 2 rigorously removes any remaining strands; Side 3 has micro grooves that are compact, specifically for deeply embedded furs. Use each side in sequence for professional auto detailing results.

#3 Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Detailer

Reminiscent of a lily pad, the Lilly Brush is no frog playground. Clean your carpeting, auto upholstery, and clothes without fear of scratching nearby wood, plastic, or any delicate materials. Its mini design helps reach even the tightest crevices you worry about. This reusable tool remains sturdy through even the most stubborn pet hair projects. Remember to follow up with a thorough vacuuming with all tools for maximum auto pet hair removal.

2: Pet Car Seat Covers

This by far is the best investment that can be made for you and your companion, which crops up in a stylish fashion. Protect your cars seats and floors from dirt, pet hair, and scratches leaving your vehicle pre-pet appealing. With just a snap and buckle auto seat covers can be easily installed by any a