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Hall of Fame Certified Specialist Window Tint Training Course

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Our Promise To Quality Installations

Our clients expect that we provide the best quality window tinting services. Through our extensive training program, we will develop skilled, precision-driven certified installers. Through the knowledge you acquire at the Hall of Fame Window Tint School, you'll soon demand the same quality levels for your clients.

You will learn both intellectual and hands-on window tinting techniques during our company and program's BBB (Better Business Bureau) awarded and accredited WIndow Tinting courses. Due to our prompt window tinting classes, you'll be ready to drive your window tinting business to $100,000 in profit.

Here's What's Included!

Intellectual Learning

  • Learn How To Run A Window Tint Business Making $1000+ a Day
  • Learn Window Tinting Laws
  • Be Able to Tell The Difference of Window Tint Films
  • Perfect Tack Mixture Ratios
  • Learn How To Become A Mobile Window Tint Specialist!

Hands-On Skills

  • Learn How To Hand-Cut Window Tint With Precision
  • Learn Shrinking Techniques
  • Learn How To Apply Window Tint To Side And Back Windows
  • Learn How To Remove Window Tint
  • Train On Real Cars!

Bonus Content

  • Certificate of Certification Upon Completion
  • DoorDash FREE Lunch of Your Choice Daily
  • 24/HR Text Support After School Completion
  • Provided Window Tinting Tools!
  • Keep All Tint You Don't Use!

"Hall of Fame Made Sure Our Class Went Through The Toughest Hand-Cutting Technics. When I Came in I Had You-tube as My Only Experience of Window Tinting. When I Left, Every Hiccup and Tint Technique I Needed To Use Became a Breeze."

- Mason. S

Austin Window Tint Training Course

4 Day Window Tint Training Course

$929 | Wednesday-Saturday 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

Learn The Most Difficult Hand Cutting Techniques and Secrets

Receive a Certificate as a Certified Window Tint Specialist

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2 Day Window Tint Training Course

$749 | Monday & Tuesday 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

Learn How To Hand-Cut and Apply Window Tint

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